Middle Section Co Curricular

Middle Section – Co Curricular

Work Education

Non-gas Cooking and Table Decoration

The children are being taught how to cook the food without gas and how to decorate the table, setting the table and manners. E.g. Sandwiches, drinks, salad

Book Bank

A few important facts of Library Science are taught with the salient features of the issue system.

Preparation of Stationery Items

Teaching the children to make beautiful stationery items which may be used as delightful gifts. These items are made from simple materials, using the technique of cutting, folding and sticking.

Visual and Performing Arts


In craft club paper bags, flower making, tray making from waste material and pen stand to be taught to Class VI. Photo frame, birds made from fir, junk jewellery, pot decoration to be taught to Class VII. Beads flower, churches made from waste material, folders to be taught to Class VIII.

Drawing and Painting

Creativity is an innate quality and children have an immense talent of expressing themselves in the form of drawing and painting. The field of art is very big and wide. It is necessary to learn art from the beginning, if someone wants to master this field.

Indian Dance

The purpose of Indian dance is to create beauty, give happiness and to communicate between the dancer and the spectator. The strides being made by the practitioners as a result of their insight, their sadhana, dedication and intelligence and also as a result of the inherent strength of the art form whose canvas affords infinite possibilities for a variety of expressions, has enriched the dance tradition of this great sub-continent, keeping intact the spirit and flavor of 2000 – year old dance form.

Vocal Music

1. Attune the students to melody, rhythm and movement of music.

2. Awake the finer sensibilities within the students through the medium of music.

3. Realise the potential of the musically talented pupil.

4. Acquaint them with harmony and peace that life promises.