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The activities designed for Easel club are mostly interactive so the students can express their creativity and foster imagination encouraging students to explore their artistic side. These interactive activities are designed to help students explore artworks and practice their analytical skills. Through a series of practice, they can think critically about the artwork and interpret its meaning. Prompt interesting conversations spark their curiosity about art, culture and history.





Carrom game is a national & international game. Carrom board size 29 inches. It's a mind game this game developed concentration, focus, skill ,aim and goal set. So many tips of competition.




Students are taught about the basics of chess, it's evolution, history and also the finer points for advanced class.



Commerce Club

Students are given an idea about the different aspects of business and activities are given based on it which would inculcate entrepreneurial and leadership skills


Tech Kids


Learn about Cyber Security, Cyber frauds, Cyber awareness, ADOBE Express, Animation by Canva Adobe after effects


Foot loose

Creative Dance

The following dance forms are taught Hip Hop, Freestyle, Contemporary, Open Style Choreography , Waacking and Salsa.




Eastern Dance

Concept of Indian Dance Forms, Basic Steps & Jumps, Body coordination movements, Improvisation, Presentation





The debate club gives students of a fun way of developing their oratory skills. It teaches them how to research , articulate arguments and develop clarity of thoughts and ideas.




Eastern vocal


Fundamentals of Hindustani Classical Vocal Music are taught with the following objectives: *Introduction to proper voice culture through different vocal exercises *Basic understanding of prescribed ragas and talas through compositions Learning Outcomes: *Ability to sing drut compositions with basic elaborative techniques *Ability to create tanas English Choir singing is also practised as and when required Different genres of songs such as Rabindrasangeet, folk, Bhajan, etc. are nurtured according to different occasions





Football ( Boys and Girls)

Soccer/Football is a contact team sport played between two teams of eleven players using a round ball with the objective of scoring goals by kicking or heading the ball into the opponent's goal. Players can use any part of their body except their hands and arms, with the exception of the goalkeeper. The team with the most goals at the end of the game wins.



Common Ground


Basic knowledge of Instrument Guitar and playing, perform soulful music .



History Club

Taarikh Club celebrates the global culture and heritage with a special emphasis on India and Kolkata. It's major objective is to inculcate amongst the students the sense of collective belonging, to preserve and conserve the natural and cultural heritage of the land.



Interact Club

Horizon Club is the social service wing of our school and is registered under District 3291 as an Interact Club. It works under the aegis of Rotary Club of Calcutta and the members of the club take part in community outreach programmes conducted by its mother Rotary Club as well as independently as a school club. ATF( All Time Food), peer teaching platforms for underprivileged students from villages, workshops for children from protection homes, visits to old age homes are a few from the array of activities conducted by the club.




We lay emphasis on sports karate, teaching the children attack and defence, which include knowledge and practice of punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes and open-hand techniques such as knife-hands, spear-hands, and palm-heel strikes. They also learn grappling, throws, joint locks, restraints, and vital-point strikes are also taught. For self defence we have to prepare our mind and body both. Our children are trained to participate in district and state level competitions. They are also given a brief historical background of the martial art form, as well as details on gold awardees . Senior students are introduced to kalaripayattu, an ancient martial art from Kerala.



Meditation and Yoga

In this club students are taught g eneral exercise, pranayam, meditation, Udvamasana, Pkshkasana, Byagrasana and Viranchasana. As yoga develops inner awareness. It focuses our attention on our body's abilities at the present moment. It helps develop the strength of mind and body.



Nature Club

In the wake of the earth facing serious threats from Global Warming, Climate Change and other Environmental issues, the children of the Nature Club (Samriddhi) are very aware and sensitive towards their surroundings. They enjoy visiting nature parks and wetlands, planting home grown vegetables, making the best out of the 5Rs of conservation and generating awareness about the importance of conservation of water.


Needle Art

Needle work

Creativity with needle and thread. Creating useful decorative things using the tools needle and thread. To rediscover the heritage method of embroidery.




Concepts of rhythm and rhythmic variations are taught on tabla and other percussion instruments. Students are groomed for accompaniment and solo recitals.





Metis, the quiz club inspires students in their quest for knowledge and motivates them to take part in inter school competitions. Playing quizzes allow students to assess their knowledge and identify knowledge gaps.





Science ,Maths and Robotics

Inception club triggers interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects .Its more about 'doing' than just 'learning' the theory thus making an easier way to engage students. Learn problem-solving and teamwork: In this club, students often brainstorm to come up with the best solution while applying mathematics , technology and science concepts. Students develop innovative ideas: The process of creating a Robot or developing a AI chatbot requires innovative streak and critical thinking. Ignite curiosity and make learning fun: Here, students get to apply basic scientific concepts e.g. connecting the battery terminals to a motor and seeing it run.




Speech , Performance, Elocution and Creative Writing


This club focuses on English elocution and creative writing (for Term I). The aim of the club is to make the students more eloquent and enhance their confidence as public speakers. Moreover it provides a platform for students to express their views, ideas and opinions in writing. Various speech/elocution activities and written exercises are included in the curriculum to develop 21st century skills among students. Club showcasing to be held with special emphasis on 'community connect' as the senior section students plan an interactive reading session with the students of classes II and III.

Term 2- Radio Natak (Hindi & Bengali)


Fun On Wheels




Skating is a form of sports that has three main types: ice skating, roller skating, and skateboarding. Ice skating is the oldest form of skating.Roller skating is the act of travelling on surfaces with roller skates. It is a recreational activity, a sport, and a form of transportation. Skating can help improve a child's balance and coordination. It is also a great source of exercise, burning calories and improving cardiovascular health.





Tourism Club

In this digital and virtual world tourism will help young to discover their heritage which enables a deeper understanding of themselves and their cultural roots.





Wellness, Nutrition and Diet


Increasing awareness regarding wellness, focusing on peer wellness, holistic well being , personal well being, vocational wellness, skill building for independent daily lifestyle



Piano Forte


Offers an introduction to synthesizer music. The students learn the basic scales, the right & left hand coordination that gradually enables them to play music independently . The important thing is to feel your music, really feel it and believe it. The piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colours in your mind.